Zhang Kaini met with a car accident which caused her to be paralysed from her shoulders down. The formal Chinese language teacher resolved not to allow herself to sink into a state of depression but to move on. She was inspired by Joni Erickson and started to hold the brush between her teeth to paint. It was tremendously difficult for her at the beginning due to her poor health. She was unable to steady the brush and often suffer from dizziness. However, Kaini did not give up. She was undaunted and persisted in overcoming all the odds. She taught herself painting and became a very successful artist. “My paintings are colourful and cheerful” she explains of her work, “They reflect my life. I want my art works to inspire others to be courageous and optimistic.” Kaini is currently working for the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Worldwide. Kaini hopes to have a solo exhibition someday. Through her active participation in life and art, she wants society at large to take notice and care more for physically challenged citizens like her. 

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