Stanley Lim was born on 3rd Nov 1977. It has been 9 years since he met with a traffic accident. It was a motorcycle accident involving a passenger car. He was thrown off and hit the ground several meters away from his bike. He suffered a serious neck injury which broke his spinal cord. As a result, he lost the functions of his hands and legs and has no movement or feeling from his chest down. The date was 29 Oct 2005. It was a turning point in his life.
Before the accident, he was an engineer with a local aerospace company. He was a newly qualified licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer back then. After his accident, he could not pursue his career aspirations as he was left a quadraplegic.
In many ways, this accident has changed his life and taken him on a different route from the life he had previously enjoyed as an able-bodied. He is now dependent on another person’s assistance to be his hands and feet to perform the most basic functions of eating, bathing, bowel and bladder care, etc.
Although he is paralysed, it has not stopped him to continue leading an active life as much as he possibly can. To keep active, he has been keeping to a 3 times weekly swimming routine on his own. In addition, he has also enrolled in a once a week swimming program supported by Singapore Disability Sports Council. Apart from swimming, he goes to a physiotherapy session once weekly with Handicapped Welfare Association as another form of physical therapy.
Mouth-Painting was introduced to him by a local mouth artist, Gilbert Tan. After seeing what Gilbert had achieved through the years of hard work, he inspires him that he can do the same. The initial stage of Mouth-painting was very tough but it gives him great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction on every piece of work that he has completed. The interest of loving to paint is growing in him. He is encouraged to pursue in his mouth painting and he hopes his works will also bring motivation to the lives of others who encounter difficulties in life. 

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