Raymond Tan was born in 1965 as an only son in his family. Being an only son, his family has high hopes on him to continue a family business managing a drink stall in one of the coffeshops here. Until one fateful day, 17 August 1993, he met with a traffic accident when travelling back home from dinner with his friends. The car he was in was hit by a taxi and it was overturned.
Since then his life has totally changed. He was paralysed chest down with fractured C1/C5 vertibra. He can only grip slightly in his right hand using the centre finger. He was then married with a 1 year old son. His wife and family have given him all the support to help him accept the changes in his life.
It took him almost 17 years after the accident that he thought he should do something to help his family financially and not to be a burden to them. Before that he was so confused and could not bring himself to decide on what to do in his life. Recently, his interest in art starts to blossom. He starts to learn the art of painting through youtube. After many tries of learning to control the brush in his mouth, he finally decided to join MFPA in 2011. 

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