Rajinder Singh was 26 years old when a road accident left him paralysed from chest down. He was riding a motorbike, which skidded while he was making a u-turn. Now he is a complete tetraplegic. He has a fractured, dislocation at C5 and C6 region of the spinal cord. Before his accident he was undergoing training for a petrochemical company (Seraya Chemicals) as a process technician. He has been a member of Handicaps Welfare Association since 1996 after the accident in 1995. He often goes there for his rehabilition exercises. He had tried doing telemarketing over the phone hoping that it could help him earn some income. But due to his inability to use his hands it was impossible. He then decided to do painting as he always had interest in it. He was doing arts in his school days. So he picked up the brush and started painting using his mouth, He felt the joy of the outcome of his paintings and actually he enjoys it. It has been 12 years now that Mouth and Foot Painting Artists has helped him to have a career as an artist. 

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