Daniel Tan met with a car accident in 1982 when he was 20 years old. He was certified by the doctor that he is paralyzed from his neck downwards. For about 27 years he could not do much on his own and he needed his family’s moral and financial help. In 2009, he met some friends who introduced him to the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists. He was presented with a challenge – to paint by mouth! The complete loss of all his finger movements means that wielding anything with the dexterity of his hands was an impossible feat. The thought of being able to create something of artistic value challenged him to persevere in the artistic endeavour. Besides, painting is known to be therapeutic. Indeed, it was a transformation from the endless television programmes/games for a bed ridden person. Obviously, he faced many problems in holding the paintbrush in his mouth. During all painting sessions, someone has to stand by him and be ready to help him. The setting up of the equipment and putting all the necessary tools in place were essential before he can begin his work. But he managed to overcome all the hassle because of the growing passion in mouth painting. His desire is to become an inspiring artist and hope to be financially independent so that he would not be a financial burden to his family. Besides, he began to find meaning and purpose in his life. 

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