Anyone who has lost the use of their hands and paints by holding the brush in their mouth or with their feet, regardless of race, creed or colour can join MFPA.

The Association has three qualifying levels: Student Member; Associated Member and Full Member. The majority of artists are typically admitted as student members. Students are provided with a grant to pay for tuition, art materials, etc. To maintain consistently high standards, students’ work is periodically reviewed by a panel of assessors until they achieve a standard which enables them to be accepted as full members.

The panel of assessors includes the serving MFPA President or his/her appointed delegate and two eminent and recognized able-bodied artists. When approved, the managing board can admit the new member/student, subject to ratification by the members at the next delegates’ convention.

The Association is constantly seeking promising new talent among the disabled who, perhaps, first take up painting as a form of therapy.

In Singapore, many MFPA artists do a live mouth painting demonstrations for schools and other interested groups, offering a better understanding of the work being done by the Association and the outstanding possibilities available to the disabled given the opportunity.